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Helping You to Move Forward Before, During, and After A Divorce to Gain Confidence, Clarity, and Control to Deal with Any Difficulties or Situations.

Unique Divorce Service with A retired Divorce Attorney now Certified Divorce Coach and Strategic Consultant

Are you?

  • Having trouble juggling the demands of your family, your relationships, your job, and your goals?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Stuck?
  • Afraid?
  • Indecisive?
  • Confused
  • Being overcome by emotions?
  • Considering a change but unable to proceed because of decision-making anxiety or fear?
  • Concerned about parenting, child custody, and other issues?
  • Want to change your course of action or direction yet feel stuck and lacking in clarity?
  • Unable to visualize the outcome & unfamiliar with the process? 
  • Looking for a smooth and less traumatic process?

Discover How to Be in Control of this Struggle and get the Result you want!

First you will learn how to Manage Your Mind and Feel through the painful Feelings to Get Clarity! Then Prepare and Strategize!

Who am I and why me?

My name is Melinda,

I am a certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Strategic Divorce Consultant.

I have the Expertise and experience.

I was a matrimonial attorney for decades as well as a family law mediator. I retired as an attorney/litigator. I’m now a Certified Expert Life Coach. I help people transition through crises, feeling stuck, and make decisions to get the results they want with less emotional and financial stress.

I specialize as an EXPERT Certified Life coach for those who, like you, are experiencing relationship difficulties, separation or dissolution of your partnership at any stage, in any State in the United States. You will be prepared to work with your partner, lawyer or mediator with me in your corner.

You will learn that you can neither change nor control anyone. Most importantly, you will see the only person you can change or control is Yourself. Get in control first and foremost. Feel your negative feelings until they dissipate so you can prepare and strategize for an unfamiliar process.

Through our sessions, you will learn how to establish limits, acquire clarity about what you want, and actually prepare and work with me to obtain the greatest possible result under the circumstances for you. I will coach you with tools and exercises to manage the thoughts in your head, that trigger pain or negative energy. Those thoughts are the heaviest burdens we all carry. I can support you in feeling though the negative emotions as opposed to avoiding them, or allowing them to block you from achieving the results you want! This exercise helps to dissipate the pain every time it pops up.

The thoughts create the feelings, feelings trigger action or inaction! First goal is to understand and to be in control of yourself! Otherwise your actions or inaction will lead to no result or extended stress and a negative result.

Now, I am on the mission to help people just like you, who might not be clear.

Why? Simply because I don’t want you to struggle like I did (Yes, I too went through a divorce)

Despite how things seem now, I offer great value without court, fighting and maybe ending
somewhat amicably. .

I am also a certified Strategic Divorce Consultant!

My Goal is to Help You Create Your Best Future, and I Can Guarantee You That This is Possible with My Strategic Divorce Consulting

Don't Worry, Be Calm

I Understand How Difficult It Seems...

What You Are Going To Gain...

  • The courage, clarity, and control to handle any difficulties or situations. You will find your power to handle this impasse intelligently and know the result you are striving for with much less trauma for You and your entire family.

  • Less expensive and not as past oriented as therapy, and by being prepared, you can save money with attorneys.

  • By the time you get to your attorney or mediator you are prepared, aware and ready to get it done easily.

  • In the event you are with an attorney already, you can get the legal advice you need and then pause a bit to do the work with me preparing necessary financial statements so you see what your best result can be for you. You can then evaluate different custody and parenting schedules so you can and act in best interest of your children.

  • Work  with me to get in control of your outcome instead of being controlled by the system’s calendar and management.

  • You can do this and attain the best outcome for you, your entire family and learn to navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • It is an amazing process which you will use throughout your life. In fact, often My clients create goals for their future selves and work towards their new goals and even careers.

You are 1 Step Away to Your Desired Result.

Sessions are virtual on zoom or by phone if you prefer, and confidential





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