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Melinda Lowell, JD. Retired Divorce Lawyer, now Expert Transformational Life & Divorce Coach


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Hi! I'm Melinda Lowell

Guiding you through relationship challenges so you can go from feeling anxious, hurt, and overburdened, to respected, happy, and thriving is my #1 goal.

My name is Melinda and I am a retired matrimonial lawyer + mediator. I’m now a certified expert life coach for people just like you struggling in relationships at whatever stage you are in.

You will be empowered with results-oriented tools that last for a lifetime, not just the struggles you’re going through right now.

The world around you may feel out of control, but you can gain control of your mind, feelings, and actions.

Through my coaching, you will discover how to get clarity about what you really want, set boundaries, and get the best outcome for you.

I‘ll show you the tools you need to manage your mind and thoughts that trigger these painful feelings. Through our sessions, I can help you feel the feelings until they dissipate.

You will get clarity as to what you want to do or achieve. You will understand what is blocking you, then you will get the best solution and result for you to move forward to your best future self.

I’ve been through the process of divorce personally. So yes, I know you and I completely understand what you’re going through. Most importantly, I’ve made it through and I can help you get through it too!


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VC Certificate - Melinda Lowell

Divorce coaching is less expensive than therapy and saves money with lawyers once they are involved.

Are you...

Struggling to meet the demands of family, relationships, work, and everything else?

Ready to regain your confidence and trust in yourself?

Overwhelmed by emotions?

Considering a change but stuck buffering, afraid to make decisions?

Stressed about children, custody, and parenting issues?

Ready for a change in direction but feeling stuck?

Climb up from rock bottom and Strive 2 Thrive!
Climb up from rock bottom and Strive 2 Thrive!

Here’s how I can help you move forward, not look back.

Life Coaching

Gain confidence, clarity, and inner calm to face any troubles or circumstances.

Less expensive than therapy and you can save money with lawyers by being prepared.

Separation and Divorce

Consider or go through divorce with less emotional and financial stress.

Coaching is much less expensive than therapists and can save you money with lawyers too.


Navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly to get the best results for you.

Create a road map for you and your family to navigate life's changes.

Rave Reviews

I could not do this without you! I haven't been anywhere besides with family for these past three, horrendous months since this all began. You have given me hope out of the demoralized state I was in. I am truly so thankful. 😘 Sure! I am truly honored to be your client. You are changing lives and mine! ♥️

I cannot recommend Melinda enough. She is better than a therapist and/or a lawyer. She prepared me for lawyers and has alleviated a lot of my pain and stress while working through my issues. I didn’t even know what a life coach was but I signed up for a free discovery call and got so much value out of that one call I decided to give it a go. Best thing I ever did. Call her, you will not regret it. You will be on your way through whatever issues are bothering you and you will feel so much better each time you get coached., And you will get tools to last a lifetime. She is very qualified and extremely compassionate. Melinda is truly an inspiring coach, her coaching gave me the clarity, motivation, and courage to put myself first and set myself up for success.

Usher Yehuda, Entrepreneur

Regain Your Power

Discover how to manage your mind, feelings, and actions to get the best result for YOU!

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You Can have a divorce with Dignity. Survive Your Divorce or Separation & Continue to Live with Joy.

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