How to Survive the Workday During a Divorce

How to Survive the Workday During a Divorce

Most of us don’t have the luxury of just sitting at home during a divorce. We still have to make a living. In fact, making a living might be more important than ever. Work can provide a sanctuary of sorts. You can get your mind off your relationship woes. 

But it can also be a challenge. It’s not always easy to focus when your personal life is in turmoil. You also have to deal with the inevitable questions that always come with a divorce.

Surviving your workday is part of surviving divorce. Use these strategies:

  1. Consider how much and with whom you’re going to share your divorce news. Do you just want to get the information out there or would you prefer to keep your head down? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Take some time to think about it.
  2. Only do work at work. It can be tempting to use your spare time to read emails from your lawyer or go over divorce-related paperwork, but this can make things worse. You’ll not only be distracted from your regular work, but you may also be putting your job in jeopardy. This would be a horrible time to lose a job.
  • Work can be a nice break from the challenges you face in your social life. Avoid ruining that potential oasis by taking care of divorce-related matters at home.
  1. Tell your boss. Assuming your relationship with your boss is at least cordial, let them know what’s going on. You’re sure to get a little slack and some consideration when there’s extra work to be doled out.
  • Your boss will appreciate the heads up and be more accommodating if you need time off or need to leave early.
  1. Inform human resources. You may need to make adjustments to your insurance and other benefits. Your human resources department has been through this situation many times before and they can help you with all the necessary paperwork.
  2. Have your story prepared. Even if you try to keep your divorce a secret, it won’t stay that way. You’ll eventually receive questions, sympathy, or offers for support in one form or another. How will you handle this?
  • Have a story ready. Some people will want to know what happened. Others will offer to help you with your kids or to perform errands. Some will share their own experiences or offer advice.
  1. Be mindful. This just means to keep your mind on your work. At work, you’re not meeting with your attorney, being questioned by a judge, or arguing with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Since your reality at the moment is work, keep your focus on your work.
  • Once your attention wanders to your divorce, it will be hard to stop that train. The day will be much more enjoyable if you can keep your mind on work.

While a few people at your place of work are just nosey, most of them will have genuine concern for you. Don’t be afraid to accept a few offers for assistance. There will be times you’ll need a babysitter or a shoulder to cry on.

It’s a mistake to refuse help that’s offered to you. You would be happy to help someone else, so allow others to help you.

Remember that your job is probably pretty important to your life. Bills don’t go away just because you’re getting divorced. Do the best job you can at work but be sure to let your boss know about your situation.

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